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    Capture and edit at the same time - another program, ie Sorenson

    ytlevine Level 1
      I want to be able to capture a video at the same time as I am editing.
      I was thinking of using another program to capture, while I'm using Premiere to edit. A friend mentioned that Sorenson can capture. Does anyone know:
      1) If the quality of Sorenson will be just as good as Premiere's capturing
      2) If there is any better program than Sorenson to capture in
      3) If it will work just to run two instances of Premiere at once
      4) If Premiere will handle the files ok
      5) If there is any third party program which can capture, and put markers in by different scenes, instead of breaking the clip up totally
      6) If the capturing won't go well, if I'm using Premiere at the same time
      Thank You!