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    DVD designer gone in CS3?

      I used PPro CS2 quite a few times to design a simple interactive DVD menu from the templates it provided (I especially liked the red Fender guitar menu). I recently switched to PPro CS3 and can't find the DVD designer workspace. Did they remove it or is it hiding? How do I access the menu I created in the CS2 project? The CS2 templates were provided as photoshop graphics that were saved within the project file.

      Any help is appreciated.
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          TradeWind Level 3
          That feature is gone from PPro CS3...instead, Encore CS3 is now included as part of the PPro package for DVD creation.

          The good news is that you can still use PPro 2.0 to create your old edit/DVD projects and continue using the new workflow in CS3 for new projects.
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            The news is that we have to load both versions: READ: both the video collection CS2 and CS3 to get the benefits from both in my case - THAT's a couple of expensive licenses.

            I am one of the users that used the PPro CS2 DVD menus for 1 click load and burn on average 3 times per week. I really miss that and am debating if it is worth keeping a video collection license just for it. UGH!

            It is really rude the way Adobe keeps making stuff go away - i already owned Encore so no big whoop that PPro can open the app for me - that's not my idea of integration and the old version already understood markers between them. First they took away ImageReady, now my DVD templates from PPro, and the ability to have PPRo insert a DVD marker at every scene automatically as well as build a set of submenus. This all takes time and error prone to do by hand in Encore. I really really valued that content and can't seem to find anything to replace it in the GOODIES folder. The deeper I get into the CS3 suite the more upset I become with Adobe for charging so much and taking away features I used. Yes I know there are new features, but please! let's keep the stuff we've already grown processes around.
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              Andrey V Level 2
              In my opinion menu creation not needed in premiere pro at all, since encore has a lot more options and capabilities for menu design.
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                I think it would have been wise to keep the DVD authoring in PP CS3 for those who had used it in PP CS2. The DVD authoring from the timeline was one thing I like about Liquid Edition. I think it would be good to implement it in PP CS4 even if Encore comes with PP CS4.
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                  Phil Griffith Level 2
                  export to encore does the same thing does it not? you can export straight to encore with or with out menus.
                  Personally, I would much rather have control of the dvd creation, and I get better results with encore. What you seem to want is like driving a bmw and wishing you had a bicycle.
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                    And to that I say "what if you are only ten years old"? Would you not be using a bicycle instead of a BMW?

                    Like I said Adobe should have kept it as part of PP CS3 for those that were already using it in PP CS2. I am not saying Premiere Pro CS2 is a better than Encore for DVD authoring but some are already used to using this feature in PP CS2.
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                      Phil Griffith Level 2
                      I still say that exporting to encore is the same thing as what you were doing before. the only difference is it brings up encore to do the actual task.
                      Alas for the ten year old. Maybe he should stick with the bike.
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                        llaferte Level 1
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                          > And to that I say "what if you are only ten years old"? Would you not be using a bicycle instead of a BMW?

                          Perhaps the analogue would be, "bicycle = Premiere elements"?