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    Project Settings: PAL camera, NTSC & web audience

      Hi all,

      I have a Sony HDR-HC1E, using PremierPro CS3 on a MacPro.

      While in the States this summer, I captured several hours of video on my camera, which is PAL format. I'd like to be able to share that video with relatives back in the States, as the footage includes a family reunion and a wedding.

      Most of them will be using a DVD player to watch the movies, but I'd like to put a few short clips up on my website.

      I am confused about project settings. I understood the documentation to say that if the source media is in PAL format, the project settings should be, as well, and the change to NTSC would be done at time of export. However, I was watching a tutorial, and it said to use project settings for the format I want the final export to be in.

      Please could someone set me straight... should I set up the project to match the source media, or the way I want it to play when exported?

      Many thanks in advance!