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    Program Monitor Size and Scroll Bars

      Hi there...new to Premiere CS3.

      When monitoring stuff in the program monitor window, setting the size to 100% percent seems to provide the best quality (fit and other percentages seem to produce jagged lines, even though quality is set to Highest).

      So, I set the video to display at 100%. But this creates scroll bars in the program window, even when the video frame does not extend outside the program monitor's window. To get rid of the scroll bars, you need to have a "border" of blank space around your video frame - in my case, it's about 1 inch on all sides, taking up valuable screen real estate.

      I did a quick size test of the video frame in the program monitor - it's about 650 pixels across. I guess that's because of the pixel aspect ratio being .9 as opposed to the computer monitor (720 x .9 = 648). Makes sense. But I guess Premiere still makes you extend your program monitor to 720 pixels wide to consider it 100%, even though your video will never fill it because of the aspect ratio. (talking mini-dv here)

      Is this correct? No workarounds? A minor annoyance...but still an annoyance the same.

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          The magnification you use in the Program View has nothing to do with the quality of the video that you finally export out of PPro. Think of the Program View as a working view. When it comes time to export you can use completely different settings. Usually one keeps the Program View set to "fit" so that you can see the entire frame.

          You will also find links to many free tutorials in the Premiere Pro Wiki that will quickly show you how things are done in PPro.


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            (Redgum) Level 1
            Eddie said, "The magnification you use in the Program View has nothing to do with the quality of the video that you finally export out of PPro." and the irony of this statement is that it totally opposes what Adobe has implied for many years.
            Followed through, this means that anything you edit in Premiere just "may" coincidentally match what you are trying to do. Best guess I suppose?
            You're right Eddie, of course, but it sounds quite brutal the way you say it, considering most punters would not have access to external monitoring (particularly with HDV).
            Maybe now you have clearly identified this less than professional attribute you can follow through and have Adobe prioritize this issue.
            GV Edius have done it.