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    Problem with (seemingly) linked sequences across projects

      I use a common template (i.e. set of files and structures that I have set up once and am happy with) to kick off each new project

      I copy the main directory - paste it with a new name - rename the folder and project file - then start

      Recently (but not before - I don't think) I have had a serious problem where...

      ...adding new sequences into a project - seems to have an affect on the 'template' project (i.e. inserts blank sequences)...

      ...which, when deleted, also seem to create 'cascade deletes'

      This is causing tremendous grief :~(

      Any help/ideas appreciated !!!
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Here's my guess.

          The only way I can see for changes to affect a template is for you to make them. It's seems a Windows level impossibility for changes to be made to file X when you are working with file Y. So while you think you're working with file Y (the new project), you must actually be working in file X (the template).
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            Hi Jim,

            I agree that it seems impossible, but it has happened on 2 of our boxes - so I am uncertain of the cause :~(

            There is a secondary issue - whereby adding in a sequence to a project (copy of the original - but in a different folder with a different name etc) causes 'ghost sequences' in other projects

            Just so you know I am not completely nuts, I have worked in/around computers for 20 years - everything from programming to support to networking to sales to marketing etc etc etc...

            ...and I have never seen anything like it

            If I had to hazzard a guess, there is some kind of centralised 'asset management' (Photoshop Server ?) that is causing these links to exist and/or be supported/maintained

            If anyone else can add anything - then that would be great...

            ...for my part, if I manage to find a spare 20 minutes, I might video it happening (for sanity/posterity etc!)