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    Downloaded Trial - An issues and some questions

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      I just downloaded the trial and have some issues and questions I hope someone here can help with.

      My problem:

      I am unable to use the Media encoder to create any output files. I get the error, "The source and output color space are not compatible or a conversion does not exist". This happens when I attempt compositing video clips. If I use a single video clip I don't have this issue.

      Using the Export - Movie menu option works (for the same composite), but the amount of time it takes (a hour and 20 minutes for a 4 minute movie) too much and I can't see myselfe going too far or dooing too much work in this fashion. I believe my hardware specs are well above the required specs. If this normal?

      1. I can't import mpeg video. Is this by design? If so why?
      3. I can't export to wmv? Is this by design, if so why?

      What is the true minimum hardware spec. for someone intending to edit/create HDV? In other words, what is someone out there using that works. I'm really not looking to have to spend a ton of money on a new machine :).