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    Options for converting '.vob' files for editing in PP Pro CS3...


      I'm using PP Pro CS3 (Windows) and I have a few projects here where the source material are '.vob' files only.

      Now because PP Pro doesn't support that file format, I'm looking for options to convert this footage to a format - suitable for editing in PP Pro CS3 - that does NOT explode in file size.

      Converting to uncompressed .avi is up 20 times the file size, DV .avi is about 5-10 times the file size.

      Here are the options I've tried so far:

      1. importing '.vob' files straight into PP via the Avisynth method

      --> works, but PP crashes randomly and it always crashes when rendering more than 2-3 min

      --> all my system drivers are up to date

      2. renaming to .mpg or .avi

      --> works for some files (only) but you get random red frames in your footage

      3. converting to mpeg-2 via...

      a. Carbon Coder - best quality so far - looks like original
      b. Premiere Elements 4 - no de-interlacing option, takes way too long, quality worse than original
      c. MPEGStreamclip - no options selectable, quality is worse than original

      4. converting to 'DV avi' via...

      Carbon Coder - PE 4 - MPEGStreamclip - VirtualDubMod

      --> file size explodes (5-10 times of the original .vob file), quality looks on all kinda the same and NOT better than the mpeg-2 output from Carbon Coder - that's why I don't wanna take the storage hit...

      Are there any other methods or ways to convert '.vob' files to a suitable editing format (with a reasonable file size) ?

      Thanx for your help !