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    HDV to H.264 - should I go progressive or keep it interlaced ?

      I'm exporting from HDV project to H.264. I'm keeping the original resolution at 1440x1080, 16:9 aspect ration, and original framerate of 29.97. The viewing media will be my 1080p TV (from computer and PS3 output, no blue ray disk) and computer monitors.

      1. Should I set the encoder to create progressive field order?

      2. What are the advantages/disadvantages?

      3. If I go progressive, do I need to change the frame rate to 59.94 or some other fps.

      4. What is the impact of future editing of a progressive file vs. interlaced.

      5. If I go progressive, is it as simple as setting the filed order in Media Encoder to "None (Progressive)" or are there other settings that I need to set or a specific work flow to follow?

      6. How about DV conversion to progressive H.264? Would all the questions/answers above apply the same way.

      Thank you.