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    Can this type of thing be done in Premiere Pro CS3 (or any other Adobe product)?

      I will be purchasing Premiere Pro CS3 soon and would like to know....
      is it possible to create a DVD that PLAYS IN A STANDARD DVD PLAYER (i.e. displays on a TV) that is interactive enough so that you can do the following:

      Have a list of, say, ten items on the screen (numbered 1 thru 10) and have each list item HIDDEN by default but have the person with the DVD remote be able to click each item to REVEAL the item, in whatever order he wants. And also be able to RE-HIDE an item if he chooses.

      And I would like to have MANY screens like this on one DVD. In other words, I would want hundreds of different lists on one single DVD that included this level of interactivity.

      Please let me know if this type of thing is even possible on a TV-played DVD. I know it can be done easily on a website or computer DVD, but I'm talking about a TV-played DVD (I think TV DVDs are very limited with that they can do interactively-speaking, but not sure how limited).

      My gut tells me this is not possible but if it is, it would make me very happy. I'm not asking you to tell me how to do it in Premiere Pro (unless you want to of course :) ), I just want to know if it's possible or not.

      And maybe its not possible in Premiere Pro but is possible in some other Adobe software. If that's the case, let me know what software can do it.

      Thanks you so much in advance for your response!