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    Just upgraded from 1.5 to CS3.  Performance is all most unusable

    kerr vaughn
      Wow, I"m not happy.

      My rendering time and overall responsetime is unsettling. I've got a 2.8mhz (non dual-core) with 2gig ram and a 512 Nvidia 7300GT video.

      1. Rendering time is abolutely terrible
      2. HOME and END key used to go to start/end of the highlighted clip. Now it goes to start/end of sequence (what am I missing here?)

      Upgrading a 1.5 project, is there any problem here? I've started a new project but rendering still with it is still terrible. 100% cpu kidnapping. I've turned off Optimizing still, using MEMORY for rendinger.

      Do we have a secret sauce beside a new computer? I would have thought this workstation would have been OK.

      All my scratch and media areas are pointing to my D: drive which is also where my project and source files are. Any tweak's I can do here?