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    need help getting people out of a time lapse

      Okay, this is what I want to do. I have a clip of three guys working on a graffiti artwork. Its 30 minutes long. I want to speed it to a time lapse, but I dont want to show the bodies of the three guys. So the final product would look like the graffiti forming by itself.

      The first thing I tried was to draw an animated 16-point garbage matte following the bodies while the layer below is a still frame of the final product. This will take me forever though. So I tried the time warp effect. I thought I could just blur out the bodies enough so that theyd just look like inconspicuous shadows moving around as the artwork forms. But rendering is a *****. I havent mastered the effect either. I couldnt figure out the proper settings so that the three guys would blur out enough so they wouldnt be too recognizable. (Ghosting doesnt really cut it either.)

      What would be a good idea to get this thing done?

      Really appreciate the help. Thanks!