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    Audio/Video sync issue with DV material

    h2ofun Level 1
      Okay, after reading lots of posts, looks like CS3 has a problemo.
      (Never had this issue with PPro2). It is killing me when I bring the clip into Ultra, the audio goes nuts. The clips plays fine in all other players, but from the posts, seems like CS3 may be the root cause.

      So, how do I know if my audio is "clean" with no glitches? Reloading PPro2
      is too much of a pain.

      So, since it seems lots of folks are having this issue, what is the solution from Adobe?

      Now, I also read about red frames. Is this on the timeline?
      I know I have pulled in a CF HDV project, with no changes, and was
      pretty surprised to see a bunch of red bars on the timeline saying I had to render. Since I had done nothing, seemed weird. I ignored it but
      maybe this was showing me this issue with CS3?

      Man, when I thought editing hell was behind me. :o(