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    Audio skipping

      Hi, I am new to Premiere and I just downloaded it to test it out with my new Canon HV20 HDV camcorder. anyway I captured a tape (63 minutes) and had no problems with it. File is about 12GB.
      Once i tried to import the file into a project, i noticed that upon completion, the video is fine, but the audio has random spots of various lengths that are skipping (meaning it sounds like a CD skipping). It happens in 3 places. First I thought it was the indexing and conforming stuff that screwed up so I created a new project and it did the same thing. then i did the whole capture again and found out that didn't help either. the audio was broken in the same spots.
      So i checked the tape on the camcorder itself and the sound was normal. then i checked the imported MPEG file in winamp and the spots that were skipping in Premiere were fine in the MPEG file.
      SO it seems like the Premiere is messing the file up upon import. Is there any remedy for this??? Software seems pretty useless if you cant even import a file without problems...
      Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          You say you imported an MPEG file, and you also say you downloaded Premiere to test

          I am absolutely AMAZED that you were able to import an MPEG, since the trial version is not supposed to support MPEG at all due to license issues
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            well it let me capture it as such> all i did was run the capture from my HV20 and it saved it as a MPEG. i dont believe i had a choice in the matter.
            the only reason i downloaded this thing is because Premiere Elements 2 would not let me capture. I have that software, so i thought the full version would do it.
            anyway, i tried importing the same file into elements but it only sees about 38 minutes. the file is 63 long
            Unless someone has an idea on how to fix this i might try to run the capture using nero and see what happens.

            BTW the trial version comes without encore so it is useless to me anyways. I want to make DVDs
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              Jeron Coolman Level 1
              You can buy CS3 and return it in 30 days if you don't like it.