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    Multi-camera audio with multiple tracks

    Mark "St. Louis" Jones Level 1
      In Premier Pro 2 I was somehow able to use the automation features to adjust levels throughout my videos on multiple tracks, and that mix would flow through to the multi-camera sequence.

      It didn't work in Premier Pro 3.1.1 when I just tried it. I then noticed that the help file says "In order to retain audio from more than one track simultaneously, mix all the desired tracks to a single track in the source sequence, select the resulting audio track, and deselect the Audio Follows Video option."

      I opened my old projects in 3.1.1 and the multiple tracks still play in the multi-camera sequence.

      1: How was I able to do this before and can I still do it?
      2: If I must mix all tracks to a single track in the source sequence, how do I do that? I can't figure that out.