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    New Workstation HD setup

    kerr vaughn
      Due to the processing impact of upgrading to CS3, I'm going to spend a couple of dozen hours buildling a new one. I'm requesting feedback to the HD setup. Here is what I'm thinking for HD setup (Q6600 Quad, 4gb Mem,Gigabyte MoB):

      Option 1:

      OS/Programs : 500gb SATA2
      Video Files: Matrix RAID on 2 500gb SATA2
      Scratch Files: Rapture 150 10k drive

      My original thought was to put the Rapture as OS/Programs, raid two of the 500gb, and use the third 500gb for data storage and backup. Kind've afraid of running out of space on the 150gb OS/Prog rapture

      Thoughts? Drives are already purchased. I also can put in a current PATA 400gb for storage/backup. Thanks in advance