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    1 second "Play / Pause" lag - please help me!!

      Hi all, in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, After Effects and Soundbooth for that matter, whenever I press "play" on the timeline, there is a 1 second pause/lag before the footage starts playing.

      For editing, this is a nightmare, obviously you want precision when you edit and i have no idea what is causing this on these products.. please help if you can.

      Imagine if when you are typing a reply, there's a one second lag between when you press a key on the keyboard and when it gets shown on the monitor, that's what it feels like right now.

      When I press spacebar again to STOP, it STOPS just like normal. There is no lag. However - when I press spacebar again to start it playing, everytime, a one-second pause.

      I have installed Sony Vegas, there is no play/pause lag at all. so it MUST be a setting or tweak within Adobe Premiere that can fix this.. please..!

      My settings are well over requirements, I also wondered if it was "pre-roll", but changing that and "post-roll" to 0.00 seconds from 2.00 seconds did nothing. still the lag.

      i also pushed DirectX sound acceleration from FULL to Standard, did nothing. still lag.

      So here are my specs:

      Intel Quad Core, 4x 3.2ghz,
      2gb DDR2 RAM,
      768mb 8800 GTX,
      500gb 7200rpm hard drive,
      Windows XP Professional SP2,

      please help me if you have an answer.. is there a simple play setting i'm missing? some sort of hidden buffer i need to set to 0 instead of 1?
      it must be something within Adobe, because Vegas' timeline plays with no lag or pause at all.. but I NEED my Premiere Pro..!

      thank you so much for your help