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    What cameras are you using

      I know, it's not a Premiere question. But you have to video something before you edit it. I have been using Sony 2000s for the last 4 years. Two now need repair and I think it's time to get new ones. I'm trading in all 3 for 3 new ones. I'm thinking of the Sony 2100s , same as the 2000 with a few improvements. I video mostly weddings, concerts and some corp. video. Don't think HD would be a benefit right now. I like the Sonys for there great lux rating (1), the LCD, light weight ect. Weddings are run and gun type events. What are you using for this type of events. Thanks
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          I've used the VX21000. It is one of the best low-light cameras out there. It'll be a good choice for weddings where reception halls are very dim.

          Depending on your needs and budget, the PD-170 is the 2100's big brother, adding professional XLR audio inputs.

          Personally, I prefer the Panasonic DVX100B. It's low light performance is only slightly worse, it adds true 24P recording options, has a better audio subsystem than the Sony's, and to my mind a much better form factor for hand-held work, like at receptions. Both the viewfinder and the LCD screen are bigger than the Sony's, and that is something you get used to very quickly.
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            I agree with Jim. I've used just about all the big name DV cameras out there (Sony, Canon, Panansonic), and for me the DVX100B is the best of them all.