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    Color Finesse problem...


      I'm using Color Finesse 2 in PP CS3 and when I use the Full Interface Mode of Color Finesse the preview screen shows absolute inacurate colors.

      When I apply my settings (ignoring the preview screen), the output effect is okay - it's just very annoying working without the preview screen...

      All my system driver are up-to-date, I've Quicktime 7.3 installed...

      Does anybody have the same problem ? ;)

      Thanx for your help in advance !!!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Did you calibrate your monitor?
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            Jim_Simon Level 9
            You should only be using a properly calibrated external NTSC or ATSC monitor for grading work.
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              I highly doubt it could have been the monitor, but you probably misinterpreted my post.

              Inside the Color Finesse Interface it showed me the correct colors (with the settings that I modified), but when I press 'Done' and it jumps back to the PP timeline it showed me totally different colors.

              Anyways, solved the problem - I was using Color Finesse 2.1.5 which had the mentioned problem with PP CS3 (apparently not with CS2) as a result of a Quicktime incompatibility problem.

              They solved it, so if u update from their website to Color Finesse 2.1.7 and run Quicktime 7.3 everything works in PP CS3... ;)

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                For a reason only known to themselves, the Adobe team has changed the engine from PPCS2 to PPCS3 resulting in many 3rd party AE plug-ins that worked correctly in both AECS2 and PPCS2 no longer worked in PPCS3 but still worked in AECS3. Among those were Color Finesse 2 and SteadyMove PRO. Color Finesse has issued an update to correct the problem but many other 3rd party providers have not. The changes made to the PP engine may explain why many effects were removed from PPCS3: maybe Adobe did not have the time or the motivation to update the modules. Or may-be not.