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    Linking Files on New Computer from 2.0 to CS3

      I would very much appreciate any advise on how to resolve the following error.

      I created a complicated sequence on my old computer with Premeier 2.0 I saved this file with the origional sourse files to an external hard drive.

      I purchased a new computer and loaded it with CS3. I loaded the original sequence file and the source files on the new compute.

      I have tried to open this file wit CS3, hoping to continue editing.

      The following message is displayed:

      "The selected file cannot be linked because its type (video) does not match the origional files type (audio and video)"

      I have opened a sourse file on the new computer with Media Player to check and the file still contains both audio and video.

      I would very much apprecite any help if anyone knows how to resolve this.

      With best regards, Mat