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    Ppro 3.1.1 update impact on encore?

    h2ofun Level 1
      Okay, I had, and read of issues with the 3.1.1 update, so I went back to 3.1.0. What a pain. But, when I then went to output my DVD from Encore,
      encore would just shut down after a while.

      So, reading posts it sounds like 3.1.1 is also updating encore with some fixes to 3.0.2? After my 3.1.1 update, I still see encore at the same
      3.0.1 revision. But, when I now do the DVD build from encore, it worked.

      So, does the 3.1.1 do something to Encore? If so, why does the version not
      change? If so, can we just get the encore update so I can stay with 3.1.0 until a new fixed update is released?


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          The 3.1.1 Premiere Pro update doesn't make any changes to Encore. You can install the Encore 3.0.2 update manually through the Adobe website or through the Adobe Update Manager.

          What problems are you seeing with thr 3.1.1 update in PPro? I haven't had any problems yet. What should I watch for?
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            h2ofun Level 1
            My current version of Encore says 3.0.1
            If I check for updates, there is nothing to 3.0.2
            If I get the website, there is no update for 3.0.2
            So, any idea where I can find.

            I had video/audio sync issues, as I read others post.

            Weird, my output failed with 3.1.0 loaded, and worked with 3.1.1 was loaded and you say encore was not touched. Wonder if there are some type of common files updated? Hate it when I do not understand what changed.