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    HDVideo looks bad in preview monitor

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      We are trying to edit a wedding video shot on a Sony HDR-HC1 camera. A friend has the camera and shot the wedding, bought an editing system. I am the techie running the editor while he acts as producer/director.

      System is brand new in September:
      ACER Tower
      Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40 Ghz
      3.50 Gb RAM (showing in windows system, 4GB on motherboard)
      500Gb HD (303 Free)
      NVidia GeForce 7300 LE 512Mb Bios Version
      (Nvidia Driver 9/17/2007,
      Running at 1920x1200 32bit colour)
      XP Pro SP2
      Adobe Encore CS3 V3.0.1.008
      Adobe Premiere Pro V3.1.0 (374)

      Started the project with the HD 1080i30(60)i editing preset and captured from the Sony camera by firewire. There was no direct support for this model in the capture window, but the "generic sony" preset seems to work to control the camera. I-link conv is OFF. Captured using the hdv presets. Video assets show as 1440x1080, Upper field, 16bit 48khz compressed (etc. etc)

      We edited it and then attempted to export to Encore - system crashed!

      Then exported by adobe media exporter to mpeg and created a dvd in Encore.
      No matter what we try, the resulting dvd looks like "dog's breakfast" - (jumpy, crawling, fringes). Not terribly bad on a regular TV, but really gross on the widescreen HD TV of the producer. Exported back to the camera it doesn't look that bad.

      Back to the original files we edited from--it looks fine when we play the video on the preview monitor window in the premiere. Then one day we had the setting for the monitor window to "100%" instead of "fit". Yikes - that looks really bad! There is a fringe (comb effect) on most vertical edges, and it looks like what the final dvd's are looking like. I think I am seeing interlace lines and I'm wondering if my original capture is the problem, or if it has to do with my workflow in exporting for the dvd. (I've tried exporting hi, low, and progressive and none seem to look any better)

      What does that 100%/fit do to my footage? "Fit" looks really nice on the computer screen, but "100%" looks gross.

      I have seen reference to using an "intermediate" format and exporting via quicktime and blackmagic 10 bit codec to a 720x480 widescreen file then rendering that in Encore. (but there is no preset that has those settings yet...) That is my next step, but if my original footage is not captured right that is where I need to start. I am in the process of demoing sony vegas pro 8 to capture the footage again.

      Would appreciate any hints or tips. Really don't want to re-edit this whole thing in vegas, and the money spent on getting Premiere Pro is going to be a sore point if it won't do the job.