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    Pixel Aspect Ratio Question...

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      I have a question regarding Pixel Aspect Ratio.

      In my example, I have DV NTSC footage with 720x480 and a display aspect ratio of 16x9 - so PAR is 1.2.

      If I export this footage from my PP timeline for viewing on a monitor (--> the web), I would convert footage to square pixels (PAR 1.0) and therefore would get an output of 864(-->720x1.2):480.

      Now, somebody else in this forum once wrote that if u export NTSC 720x480 (16:9) footage to the web, u should...

      1. go with square pixels
      2. then take ur desired vertical resolution (480) and multiply it with 1.7778 (16:9)

      --> this would give me a final resolution of 854x480

      so, which one is the right way to go ? 864x480 or 854x480 ?

      Thanx for your help in advance !