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    Premiere is intent on destroying my life

      After several months of premiere crashing every 10 minutes I was finally able to get a rough cut of my film done.
      Now, suddenly, whenever I try to open up my project, premiere will shut down with not even a warning message.
      I tried deleting the media cache files, error checking the hard drive, tried going back to some older project files, nothing helps.
      If I load a project file unrelated to this project, premiere will not crash.

      Using CS3.1.1
      4 gb ram
      1tb raid drive
      System is up to spec
      The project is 90 minute feature length HDV.
      Project contains several hundred clips so it takes premiere 25 minutes to load. The crashing occurs at the end of the loading. There is usually no error message, premiere just quietly shuts down.
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          Try opening one of the autosave projects.

          Also try updating all your drivers. It sounds like you are having hardware conflicts.
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            If one of the autosave projects doesn't work, try opening a new project (with the same setting as the old project) and import the old project into the new one.

            Now if you're crashing just launching PPro (not a project), try launching with the Shift key held down.
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              XML Wrench can recover corrupt project files. I managed to salvage one project myself with this program:

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                I am considering installing Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premier on my laptop. However, my machine's specs are on the lower end;
                AMD Turion 64x2 Dual-core processor (2.0 GHz), 200 GB HDD, and 2048 MB DDR2.
                My intention is to edit HD video (Captured with Canon XH A1). Does my computer have enough juice to edit a full video using the creative suite? On my mac, I have Final Cut Studio that works fine. I am sort of giving PCs another chance!
                Thanks in advance.
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                  Use final cut!
                  This is from someone who is the most pro-pc anti-mac as you can be.

                  Premiere is one giant hideous bundle of bugs.
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                    >On my mac, I have Final Cut Studio that works fine.

                    If your solution works, don't fix it.

                    Unless you are a sadist like me, who likes to punish himself by constantly trying new hardware and software ;)
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                      Final Cut people -

                      I purchased a new Imac and new Adobe Premier Pro CS6 in September of this year.  I had constant crashing issues with the program (the only thing I have on this computer).  So I installed more RAM (I now have 32 Gigs of it), completely cleared my hard drive and re-installed it.  Re-installed PPCS6 and again the updates. I had to purchase a simple and inexpensive program to burn DVDs which works (because I can't burn a simple DVD on this expensive overly complicated program that crashes if I look at it sideways).  The iMac is mid 2011, 2.5 GHz Intel i5 Radeon Hd graphics etc.,  perfectly fine (it's not my computer) PPCS6 is still crashing whenever I try to do anything.  I'm tired of all this but my 30 days is up. So apparently I'm stuck with it.  I bought this program because it was compatible with my Panasonic P2 cards.  Although I have apparently thrown away a considerable amount of money on this, I'm still willing to sink deeper and purchase something else.  Do you know if Final Cut reads P2 cards (without having to take 4 years university to understand how), and if I can leave the PPCS6 on my computer, in the unlikely event they fix the bugs on this thing some day?


                      I too am a sadist.  But the more I pay, the more pain I receive it seems.  Tell me about your FC?  and P2 files?

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                        Premiere does not read P2 Cards per se. ( nor does FCP)


                        Workflow is...nne transfers the files from a P2 Card to a local internal drive. (of suitable spec)


                        Then one opens Media Browser in Premiere and imports the files to a Bin of your choice in the Premiere Project Panel.

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                          Yes, I've been doing it with complete success now since September and it works great.  Very easy and painless.  No other program I've had knows what the MXF file is..  That's why I chose PP.  But all this crashing is killing me.  I tried to do color correction, it crashes.  I tried sound correction, it crashes.  If I'm doing super simple cheapo editing it works fine (usually) but if I try to utilize the program as it was intended, it crashes.  I've worked successfully with multiple programs on my PC, so I'm wondering if I can do the same with Final Cut and PP on the new mac.  It sounds like that's what you do.  If FC doesn't recognize MXF files without giant work-arounds, then possibly I could use them both.  ?

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                            I assume that you are working with a singlr drive in your laptop andf  that drive is the operating system, applications and your media files.


                            If so ...no surprises you are getting "crashes".


                            If not..let the Mac users here know your set up in a bit of detail.

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                              It's a 21.5 inch mid 2011 iMac (not a lap top) with OSX 10.8.2, 2.5GHz intel  1 processor 4 cores, 32 GB DDR, 500 GB Disk storage and a "Mirrored RAID Set" (which I don't know about RAID).  I originally set my projects in a 2TB hard drive but thought that might be the problem with the crashing and freezing during PP, so I set the projects back on the internal drive and just back up everything on the exernal.  I watch my load on the drive carefully and it never gets over 1/4 of the space.  Apparently the external is not the problem though so are you suggesting I go back to working strictly from the external drive?  I don't believe I can change the hard drive on this new machine.  That's my understanding.