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    Entering Capture In  Data

      Why oh why can I not enter the data in CS3 the same way it was entered in Pre Pro original? I used to be able to use the TAB to move between Clip Data lines, including the timecode. Now I have to double TAB to move one line (I mean how insane is that!) and I can't TAB into the timecode at all.

      Does anyone have a reason for this and perhaps a way to change it back to the good ol days? I am entering for HDV capture - is this the difference?

      THANK YOU for any help at all whatsoever.
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          Wow, I thought I was the only one who noticed this! Glad to hear someone else thinks this is insane! It's not only in the capture window- Adobe Media Encoder and other places in the program are the same too. Please file a feature request, maybe they'll change it back if they get enough hits....

          -Troy Murison
          Seattle, WA