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    How do you snap a keyframe to another keyframe?

      Hello everyone.

      I've looked and looked but can't find a decent way to do this.

      Say you've made a whole bunch of keyframes and you are viewing them in the Effect Controls window.

      You have keyframes in multiple fields, e.g. speed, start point, end point, detail, branching. (these are fields in the Lightning effect used as an example)

      Now, what I want to do is be able to align these keyframes, so that they occur on the same frame.

      I realise it's better to set the keyframes out in the right place at the start, but that doesn't always happen when editing.

      Is there a way to get a keyframe to snap to another keyframe, or the timeline current frame slider thing?

      Also, is there any way to see what frame/time a keyframe is occuring at? The only way I've found to be able to do that is to hold shift to snap the timeline current frame slider to the keyframe to see the frame number etc.

      Which means if you are trying to align keyframes you have to shift drag the slider between the keyframes to check the frame numbers to get them the same. Not ideal. You should be able to view the time/frame number, and just type in a new one if you want.

      Any suggestions? Maybe I'm going about it all the wrong way, I'm just kinda used to Flash and 3dsMax keyframing which appears to have a lot more control.
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          Bek, I don't think there's a way to do what you want. Your request is very reasonable to me as I often want to kick off several effects in the same frame of video. An option to snap keyframes to the CTI would be very helpful.
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            Colin Brougham Level 6
            Keyframing in PPro is a little horsey compared to keyframing in After Effects--which is interesting because I think they're practically the same effects/animation engine. When I want to align keyframes from different animated effects, here's what I've been doing:

            1) Select the keyframe you want to move to a different position in time. Hit Ctrl-X to cut it--it'll disappear into memory.

            2) Use the keyframe navigator for the animated parameter you want to sync to in order to jump to the keyframe that represents the exact point in time you want to animate to (eesh... that sounds more complicated than it is).

            3) Press Ctrl-V to paste in the keyframe that's in memory. It will reappear in the parameter you're trying to sync.

            It's pretty quick once you get used to it, but having the ability to Shift-drag and snap keyframes into place, like in AE, would be lovely.
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              Thanks for the replies guys.

              Colin, That method will do just fine. cheers.
              I can't believe I didn't even try the old cut and paste approach. :)

              It is a little bit of a scary method as you could delete keyframe, but I suppose with the undo and history, it should be safe enough, assuming it doesn't crash mid-process.

              I am presuming that Premiere doesn't save the history and undo's when you save a project or it auto saves.

              I'm a big fan of After Effects, it's a really good product that rarely gives me that feeling of it not allowing me to do what I want to do, but Premiere seemed deliberatly crippled. I suppose it's because you are supposed to use both of them together.

              When I was in University this wasn't a problem as the Uni had both products, but the company I work for now can't justify the expense for After Effects for what it is we do.

              Still, after evaluating both Sony Vegas Pro 8 and Premiere Pro CS 3, I think Premiere is winning.

              Now, if only I can somehow convince the company to buy the Production Premium suite. :)

              Thanks for your help guys.
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                I should probably add that I'm in the UK, where After Effects costs more the the entire US version of Production Premium package.

                *grumble grumble grumble*
                *economies of scale my rear end, just let me buy the US version then.*