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    Render Problems Anyone?

      I have just started editing in full hd 1080 25i with cs3. My time line has several .avi clips on it with cross dissolves from one clip to the next. I then render these dissolves and all the bars turn from red to green. Then I play back the time line and it plays out fine on the HD preview monitor. However, if I save the project, exit CS3 and come back to it later, all the previously rendered dissolves that were green have now reverted to un-rendered red. I have checked the preview folder as designated by the project settings window under scratch disc and the .mov preview files are all there. What the heck is going on?

      Please anyone, any ideas. I do hope it's just me being dumb.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Full HD and AVI? What is the source and what codec is in use?
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            Hi HM, The source was files were captured from a Sony HDCAM player through an AJA 2KE capture card in native uncompressed 1080 25i hd-sdi. Not sure what you mean by codec, 'scuse ignorance.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Given the high data rate required for such a stream, uncompressed HDCAM, presumably 10 bits, could it be that your disk system did not correctly write the cache contents to disk? You need massive transfer rates for such material. Is your disk configuration up to the task? Where did the .MOV files come from? Or are you on MAC?
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                Yes it is in 10 bits. I think the system is up to the task, what do you think? I have a duel core xeon processor Dell Precision 690 machine, 4 gig ram, 250 gig system drive, 6 terabytes of memory striped in a raid 0 array arranged in three x 2 terabyte volumes.

                It seems to read and write from the hard drives without any stuttering whatsoever.

                I have just exported the time line to tape in uncompressed 1080 25i hd-sdi without any problems.

                I'm not sure why the preview files are in .mov file format. The PC is running Windows xp pro and has Quicktime 7.2 installed. Could that have something to do with the render files being in .mov file format?
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                  Harm Millaard Level 7
                  From the hardware point of view, you seem to have your tracks covered. Nothing that indicates possible problems. The .MOV files surprises me however and maybe this could cause the problems. What are your project settings and render preferences?
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                    HM, I'll have to come back to you on the project settings. I've had to leave the office now. The really weird thing is that I set up a dummy project from scratch - edit mode was 1080 25i, 10 bit yuv 4:2:2, and imported three short clips of the same format. I dropped the three clips onto the time line and rendered in cross dissolves between them. Saved the project, quit CS3 and went back in again and everything was exactly as it should be. Properly rendered dissolves and everything. The rendered files where where they should be in the directory structure of the scratch discs but they were also .mov file. Weird or what?

                    Will get more detail tomorrow. Thanks for your help with this. Greatly appreciated.

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                      This is a variation of a known bug that we're planning to address shortly in the next update.

                      The problem stems specifically from having a clip with reverse speed applied in your project - there's a nasty bug that, under certain conditions (ie the length of the clip), causes any/all project elements following that one to not load correctly.

                      As a stopgap measure, try to locate the clip with reverse speed in your timeline & remove the reversal (you might try using the time remapping instead to achieve the same effect).

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                        "This is a variation of a known bug that we're planning to address shortly in the next update. "

                        Wil, I'm so glad that you all are looking out for we users and putting out all these updates and bug fixes. Thanks to you and all the rest of the team...

                        Don't want to take the thread off topic, just wanted to say thanks...
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                          Jim_Simon Level 9
                          Now that some information has surfaced about the main problem, to answer a lesser question, I think the .mov preview format while on a PC is a result of using the AJA card/presets.
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                            Hi All,

                            Re the "Update" Wil. That sounds entirely plausable since in the main project (though not the test project) there are about three shots that are reversed.

                            Re the AJA card/presets, that also sounds like you've hit the nail on the head, I am using the AJA presets to capture/playback/render.

                            I will experiment some more with the time mapping feature but look forward to the fix/update release and will also experiment with the AJA presets.

                            Thanks all