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    Jumpy preview, render and export why? (Premiere Pro CS3)

      Hi guys, When I try to import a small video that I took in my Sony CyberShot Camera DSC-S600 (in avicodec) it says my video is:

      MPG1 = MPEG1 (VCD).
      Resolution = 640 x 480 25fps.

      If I just import that video, drag it to the timeline (below), and press ENTER, It will start rendering it without any effect that I've made, and in the playback it will like jump some frames in and out (some in reverse and then forward).

      Also If i just import the video and make a playback, it will do the same, if I playback the video outside the premiere pro cs3 it will run just fine as it should be.

      My computer is a A64 3800+ 4GB RAM DDR2 800mhz, GF7600 gt 256mb is my video card.

      (the video I'm importing is only 16mb).

      Part of the video can be located in youtube, (see link).


      It was saved in avi, then uploaded to youtube.

      please help me.