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    exporting flash produces no video

      I've just begun experimenting with Flash Video export in CS3 using the Adobe Media Encoder. I find no matter what preset or custom setting I use, video is not exported, only audio. Opening the FLV in VLC player plays audio only and when I look at the stream details it shows no video track in the file. Video export is definitely turned on when I do this. The same source generates WM9 and Mpeg video just fine using Media Encoder. Has anyone else experienced this with CS3? I'm patched to 3.1.
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          mickkeay Level 1
          I did have the same. The video is there - I think the problem is VLC player. I found a freebie - Wimpy flv player and it played fine in that. I also found that when I used the flv (in Dreamveaver or similar) an put it on the web - it was also fine. Just didnt like VLC player (and I had latest version)
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            FLV files are generally not intended for playback, they're intended for use in a Flash authoring application, where the final result is an .swf file. So it makes sense that playing the .flv directly presents issues on some players.
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              Colin Brougham Level 6
              FLV files can be played back on the desktop, though as Jim suggests, they're usually embedded into some other platform for playback, like in a webpage. The best FLV player I've found is simply called FLV Player by Martijn de Visser. Copy and paste this link: http://www.martijndevisser.com/blog/flv-player. It's very lightweight, and gives you the added benefit of easily checking out stats and parameters for an FLV file.

              Another option is the Adobe Media Player, which is in prerelease right now. You can download it from Adobe Labs. I don't want to sound like an Adobe fanboi, but I think this application is showing a lot of promise, both for viewing online content, and local content. They latest release will also playback H.264-encoded Flash video files, which look amazing.

              I recommend FLV Player first, because it's fast and easy, and AMP second because it's still a little clunky. Either one will let you easily view FLV files locally on your computer.
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                Level 1
                Thanks to all that replied. My purpose is to review the video before I publish it to the web. In general VLC plays most FLV, so I assumed there was a problem with the file. I'll try the players suggested.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                  I find reviewing of such videos best done after they're published. Upload them, and then view them right away. Chances are, you'll be the only one doing so, and you'll get a better sense of visitor's experience with viewing the video when they do come.