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    Advice on Editing Image Sequence - Part 2

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      Sorry, the last post was posted after I pressed Enter...

      Couldn't edit anymore...

      So here's the originally intended post ;)


      we have a project here, and some of the footage needs to be retouched, one of the actors has some skin problems... ;)

      So, I see two options:

      1. working on the sequence in AE - which has a stamp tool

      2. exporting a image sequence from PP, and then work on the pics in Photoshop

      My question are...

      a. what is the best workflow to achieve the best results ?

      b. are there any plug-ins that could help achieve better results ?

      c. are there any tutorials ?

      Th reason why I'm asking for tutorials is, I already worked on a image sequence in PS and used the Healing Brush to do some simple retouching, but when I imported the 102 images back into PP u could see pixels moving when played - because of the retoched images...

      But every image for itself looked perfect in Photoshop. Pretty hard to achieve not to have that 'moving pixels' thing...

      Thanx for your help in advance !!!