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    Program vs. Transport Stream for HDV?

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      Adobe captures my HDV clips in mpeg2 transport stream format. My Windows system, Windows Explorer and Adobe Bridge don't correctly display video thumbnails for mpeg2 transport streams and I therefore need to convert all my HDV transport streams to program streams.

      Would there be any problems/disadvantages if I re-muxed the transport stream to a program stream? Will I loose any information from the transport stream? What are the advantages of transport stream?

      I edit HDV only for home videos for HD playback on computers and BlueRay players.

      My workflow will be:

      1. Capture HDV through Premiere or HDVSplit as mpeg2 transport stream (default HDV capture)

      2. Remux clips through 3rd party mux tool to mpeg2 program stream. No re-encoding will be done, just muxing.

      3. Delete original transport stream clips.

      3. Use Bridge to catalog my clips. Since clips will be in program stream format, Bridge and also Windows Explorer will show clip thumbnails for easy clip recognition and navigation.

      4. Import transport stream clips for editing in Premiere.

      5. After editing and exporting final movie, archive project and program stream clips for future editing.

      I think this should be risk-free and straight forward.

      Your comments/thoughts/recommendations?

      Thank you.