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    ytlevine Level 1
      Does anyone know if there is going to be an option added in the next PP update to edit in Audition (or an option in the setting to select either SB or Audition)? The could also make an option to "Edit Audio" which pops up a box asking you which one you want to use.
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Look here and file a feature request.
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            ytlevine Level 1
            I requested it. I'm wondering if anyone heard from Adobe if they plan to add it?
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Never heard anything, but that seems to be rather common with Adobe.

              Maybe you can take consolation from the following poem:

              b The Evaluation of Sam McGee

              There are strange things done by consultants, son,
              By those men who moil for Hay
              And Amtraks rails have their secret tales
              That would make your hair turn gray;
              And Uniteds flights have seen queer sights,
              But the queerest they ever did see
              Was that night at OHare we wuz socked in there
              When I evaluated Sam McGee.

              Now Sam McGee was from Tennessee,
              Where the cotton blooms and blows
              Why he left his home for the business zone
              God only knows.

              Underpaid, he toiled, yet the business world
              Seemed to grip him like a spell
              Tho hed often say, in his homely way
              That hed sooner live in Hell.

              Twas a wintry day we wuz pushin our way
              To this plant where he did his work
              Talk of a mess I must confess
              That plant was going berserk!

              Their boss was a snob the controller, a slob,
              And the most of the staff wuz much worse
              And their union wuz bad and their quality sad,
              And they answered complaints with a curse.

              That bunch of prime fools just broke all the rules
              But the company made lots of dough
              Poor McGee got no raise, and he never got praise
              They just told him to shut-up or go!

              Its a mystery to say why they called upon Hay
              To untangle that companys woe,
              But I took on the job of valuatin that mob
              And McGee was in charge of the show.

              And that night at OHare, as we sat drinkin there
              Much depressed by delays with our drinks
              McGee turns to me and Pal, sez he
              Ill flunk out on my job, I guess
              But before I do, Im a-asking you
              That you wont refuse my last request.

              Well, he seemed so low that I couldnt say no
              Then he says with a sort of a moan
              Its my cursed low pay tho I toil night and day
              Tho Ive worked myself to the bone

              Now I want you to swear that foul or fair
              (Dont think I have lost all my senses)
              You will rate me so high that, for once, fore I die,
              My paycheck will meet my expenses.

              I stiffly replied with professional pride
              Such a thing a Hay man couldnt do!
              Then I took a long drink and I started to think:
              Why NOT spring this guy from his stew?

              So we talked of his work he wuz mostly a clerk,
              And we drank to the meaning of life
              And why life has still less good here than ill,
              And how much he spent on his wife.

              Adobe seems like Amtraks'rails, they have their secret tales,
              and sometimes (or often) make your hair turn gray.
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                So true....
                But pls Adobe....make Premiere really professional and build the opportunity to forward all audiotracks from the tuimeline into the multitrack-edit from Audition. The only comfortable way to create a more than simple soundtrack. Thx in advance.