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    Help - P2 file management in Pr Pro CS3

      I have CS3 running on a windows XP with the Matrox Axio. Just received my HVX200 and am beginning to play with test footage captured on P2 cards and the FS-100, and importing the files as opposed to capturing footage.

      I'm looking for an efficient and logical way to handle the video files within Premiere. They always come in with a generic default name, and in one case with a bundle of folders and files for each clip. I would like to end up with files or clips with logical names for ease of use in the initial project as well as for archiving and future projects (or rebuilds). I also want to maintain the metadata, which is one reason I import instead of capture.

      The archiving solution isn't settled yet, but we'll be starting with Blu-Ray data discs.

      Any help from people who've been able to streamline this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          I don't know if Bridge will handle P2 media, but I always start each project here, renaming clips more appropriately.

          Also, I believe you can set a base file name in-camera before shooting. This can be unique to each project.
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            shooternz Level 6
            P2 requires new workflow paradigms (for better or for worse).

            I simply rename a "containing" folder named after the Production.

            I use P2 Genie to achieve that at the same time I download the P2 cards to an external drive.

            I live with the mxf named files as cryptic as they may seem. I do a sort on the "Media start timecode" column and thensimply log the files in the description column.

            Importing the mxf files from the "Video" folder from each P2 card is the only way to go. YOu can not capture them.

            Premiere Pro CS3 is very efficient and fast in handling this media. Adobe did a great job of implimenting P2 and I am glad it took them a little while to get it together. FCP is a lot less efficient and more complex at the same task.