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    Unique copy: Does this exist in CS3?

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      One thing I always loved about Audition was that you could make a unique copy of a file which allowed you to make changes to the new file while leaving the original in tact.

      When trying to copy an attribute/graphic in CS3, and only wanting to change something like the person's name, I can't seem to find this function to allow both files to be unique. I'm almost certain it exists but need some help in finding or activating it.

      Thank you and have a great weekend!
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Not sure I understand. An attribute and a graphic are two different things. Which are you trying to copy?
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            Eddie Lotter Level 4

            If you're talking about changing a title and wanting to save it as a new title, see "Create a title based on the current title" in the PPro Help


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              Sort of a follow up question here:


              While creating a unique copy based on current graphic works well, I was wondering if there is a way to do the following:


              I have a group of graphics which make up a moving ticker (ala Pardon The Interruption on ESPN only mine is a crawling one across the bottom of the screen).  When the ticker transitions to a new topic there is a lot going on so I grouped these items so that the students knew what to take with them when creating another section to add on to.


              What I am wondering is when they copy this group, is there a way to make all of those grouped files unique?  It would be so much easier this way if CS3 allowed for us to not have to recreate each item one by one because of course we need to change the name of the newest item to be added to the list.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                As I did not recall this thread, when new, I went back an re-read it a few times. I am still not sure what the OP was asking for, but I have some questions for your needs.


                You have a CS3 Project, that is the structure of your "ticker." You want to use it in other Projects in the future, but need to keep it totally editable. Is that correct?


                Now, is there a lot of other material, extraneous to your "ticker" Sequence, maybe even in that Sequence, that you do not want?


                One can easily do a Save_As_a_Copy, and then Import that Project file (PRPROJ), into a new Project. Everything in your "ticker" Project will be Imported, and the Sequence will be intact. You will be able to edit it at will.


                If you want, what I think you want, here is how I would do it. Go to your original Project with the "ticker." Delete everything that is not part of what you want - Timelines, parts of Timelines, etc.. Then go to Project and Remove Unused, to clean out the Project Panel. You now have only the "ticker" Sequence, or portion of the Sequence. Do a Save_As_a_Copy. Then, later on, just Import that Project into another.


                There is one caveat: The PRPROJ file is only an XML database with links and instructions. There are no media files/Assets in it at all. You will also need the necessary Media Files. I layout my Projects with all Assets in appropriate sub-folders, within the hierarchy of my Project's folder. I just Copy what I need, along with PRPROJ file, omitting any Assets that are not needed in this Save_As_a_Copy Project file. Now, if I Import that from a different drive letter, to what I had used initially, I do have to help PrPro locate my files on that new drive, but that is really pretty easy, and PrPro is very helpful. Still, one should expect this, and prepare for it.


                Another option would be to use the Project Manager to "archive" the Project (the one that we trimmed to just the "ticker"). One can choose to include all media files, or just trimmed media files. You choice would be predicated on whether you thought that you'd need to do much re-editing. [You can choose to Trim the media files, but leave Handles, and I'd definitely advise to do this.] As for things like changing wording in Titles, etc., that will still be easy to do.


                Now, if I missed your need badly, I apologize, and you are free to disregard everything above. If I am close, then this ARTICLE might also give you some info on Project files, Save and its "cousins."


                Good luck,



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                  whsstudent Level 1

                  What I just did was the following:


                  I took my ticker, cleaned all of the uneeded files out, and saved as to the network.


                  I then deleted everything out but only kept the transition elements used within the ticker and "saved as" as a separate project.


                  We imported both into a brand new project and they came up as clean folders in the new project; very nice!


                  The problem still remains though, when we double clicked each to bring into the timeline, when I change a graphic on the transition it changes the other saved project we imported.  Do we have to rename these or something?  Since they are in different folders shouldn't they be acting individual of one another even though they have the same name?

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                    whsstudent Level 1

                    What we need is a quick and easy way to simply copy a section of titler pages but allowing them to be unique so that we can keep all of the motion and opacity settings and JUST change the text.


                    Why PP makes this so difficult when a program like Audition does it so easily is beyond me.  Creating new projects to import, and reimport, creating a title based on a similar one but not automatically carrying the effects along with it?


                    Just a lot of extra pointless work.

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                      whsstudent Level 1

                      Bump, anyone?