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    Should I upgrade RAM

      I have a new PC with the following configuration:
      2X IGb DDR2 800MHz RAM
      Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3 Motherboard
      Intel Core 2 Duo dual processor
      2 x 500 Gb hard drive

      I am using CS3 for the first time. When moving anywhere within the timeline there is a long delay for the program to 'catch up', although it is not crashing. The video is approximately 1 hour long.

      I am wondering if I need to upgrade the RAM and if so, what is recommended.

      If the RAM capacity is not the problem, what else might be causing this? Is this normal?
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          shooternz Level 6
          Could be many things. The Ram (2 Gb) is unlikely to be one of them.

          Check ? and fill in the gaps:

          Is the system and mother board to Adobe spec ______
          Scratch disk configuration ______
          Project settings _____
          Material you are working with ____
          Speed of HDs ______

          other apps running simultaneous _____

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            I only have 2gb Ram and things are fine on my end.

            The RPM speed of your drives is important but it's hard to believe yours are anything less than 7400.

            There's a bottleneck somewhere. Make sure your video card reflects the most recent driver. If this isn't the problem now it will be one day.