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    HD in SD project: best IQ?

      The setup: HDV in CS3 captured as M2t from HDVSplit. I've been working on multiple segments in HD preset (HDV 1080i) but part-way through the project and prior to beginning several segments that will be included in the final output, I've decided that the final output will be SD, 720x480 DVD. I will be exporting from Premiere with the built-in mainconcept MPEG2 DVD preset and combining the various segments in Encore.

      Now that I decided "no" on the final HD output, I was thinking that before I start a new segment, why not go ahead and start in SD preset project and have a lot more flexibility on my camera shots due to scaling of HD being so much greater than SD and just use motion>scale to get zoom level I want.

      When I import the M2T's I have to render as soon as placed on timeline, and the IQ is not nearly as nice ON SCREEN (at any zoom level from 100 and below) as what I see in the HD project. Does this mean that once I add effects, transitions, etc. and it is exported for the final DVD output, it will be that much lower in image quality? Is there anything that can be done (i.e. different capture method) that can preserve maximum possible quality when rendered in SD project?

      I realize I could do a bunch of side by side tests, but I was hoping to get assurance that the end result is the same (or not) based on the way the program operates versus my subjective eye.

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          I'm also interested in hearing any advice people may have on this. Thanks.
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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            Well, let's state the obvious. The quality of HD is better than SD.

            However, you should get good results putting HDV into a SD project. I do. Adding transitions and effects to the HDV and exporting as DV should result in the same quality as starting with SD.
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              Thanks Steven. I have one other question I think relates to this thread: In theory, I would expect that I could take HD footage (in either an HD or SD project, apply a zoom or crop to that footage and, if I export to an SD format like a 640 x 380 WMV file, the zoomed/cropped portions would look indistiguishable from the non-zoomed. i.e. HD zoomed to the equivalent resolution of SD would appear the same when outputted to an SD file. I have found, though, that the HD footage looks as bad as if I had taken SD footage and zoomed in... it's coarse and lacks detail. When I export to HD, the zoomed portions, although softer, look acceptable. I'm now going to try outputting that HD output from the project to the small 640x380 WMV file and see if it maintains the quality I would expect to see. I have a hunch it will. I'm surprised it doesn't behave the way I theorize it should. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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                Steven L. Gotz Level 5
                There is a big difference between zooming in on HDV, and selecting a portion of the HDV frame.

                That is why I re-edit in a smaller project frame size and then export at that size.

                For example, if I want to export at 640X360, I create a project at that size. Then I can scale down the HDV to an appropriate size to show the portion of the frame I want the viewer to see. No zooming in. Jost less zooming out.
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                  Just a note of thanks for your advice. i'll try that approach and see what happens. Ken