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    Recommendations for AGP-based Graphics Card?

      I just installed Premiere Pro CS3 and now realize that the only officially compatible graphics cards that allow for real-time playback are PCI Express cards. Unfortunately, my system has only an AGP slot. Can anyone recommend an unofficially compatible AGP-based card that would provide smooth playback? (The rest of the system is decent: 3GHz Pentium 4, 3GB RAM, 10KRPM capture drive, etc.)

      The symptom I'm getting is that, a few seconds into playback of a video whose preview has been rendered, the picture in the playback window freezes, the audio continues, and then the picture starts again a few seconds later. I'm assuming this has to do with the fact that I'm using a 2-year-old AGP-based graphics card.

      Thanks in advance for any advice.
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          shooternz Level 6
          One of my systems runs an Nvidia 7800GT card (AGP)

          Absolutely fine.
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            Phil Griffith Level 2
            It's not necessarily your video card. what are your source files that you are trying to edit?
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              All video files are DV format (captured to disc separately from Premiere using Scenealyzer Live), or rendered as DV files from Digital Juice JumpBacks content, and all audio is 48KHz wave. I make sure and render the preview before attempting to play it. The previews are located on a dedicated drive. The playback of the video in Premiere always stops at the same point in the sequence, and then freezes on that frame while audio continues to play undisturbed. A few seconds later (always at the same point in the sequence), the video jumps to catch up with the audio and the sequence continues to play both video and audio just fine. The whole sequence is just 15 seconds.

              I've been using other versions of Premiere and Premiere Pro for years, and have never encountered this symptom before. This is the very first project I'm doing in Premiere Pro CS3, and since I didn't upgrade my video card, I just assumed...but if it's possible that it's not the video hardware at fault, I'm open to any suggestions about what it might be. Since I just installed this new version, I suppose it could be pilot error as well.
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                Do a test, Ken. Move whatever clip it keeps getting stuck on. Then see if it gets stuck in the same place on the timeline, or does it get stuck in the new place where you moved the clip to.
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                  Now, this is going to sound wierd, but without changing any configuration settings, I went in to do the test that Jim Simon suggested, but before moving any clips around, I tried playing it again just to reproduce the problem...and the problem disappeared. Everything is exactly the same as before. The only difference I can determine is that, this time, my DV camera happened to be attached to the system (via my Adaptec OHCI 1394 card). But the camera is powered off. Other than that, nothing has changed (no updates installed, no configuration changes made, etc.). And physically disconnecting the camera from the system has no effect...the problem is still gone. I'm happy that the problem has disappeared, but I'm cautiously happy.

                  Before this, the problem occurred 100% of the time across multiple sessions and multiple system boots. The project has 4 video tracks...the video would always freeze at the end of the clip on track 4 @ 4;14 and would resume playing at the end of the clip on track 2 @ 12;00 (where tracks 1 and 3 played to the end of the sequence @ 14;00). But I guess it's moot now that I can't reproduce the problem.
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                    I've had the same problem but without the good fortune of having it fix itself. I've tryed updating the driver for my ATI Allinwonder 9600 (which BTW fried my monitor and inspired a variety of hardware conflicts), along with all other configuration changes and recapturing, etc.. All to no avail. Still jumpy playback. I gave up & went back to 1.5. I will be watching this post closely in hopes of a fix so I can use CS3.
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                      I have just discovered a solution that seems to 100% remedy the delay problem on my system. Though it is likely very specific to my configuration, I thought I'd pass along what I found. Perhaps it will be of direct help to someone and/or spark a thought about what the actual underlying cause might be.

                      I have Computer Associates CA Anti-Virus on this system. This program has a feature that lets you put real-time virus scanning to "sleep" for up to 999 minutes. If I put CA Anti-Virus to sleep, and then launch Premiere Pro CS3, the project loads much faster and all the playback pauses/delays disappear. So, putting CA to sleep is now part of my routine before launching Premiere Pro CS3. When I do this, the program is usable.

                      Interestingly, during the project loading delay and during the playback delays, there was absoultely no disk activity on any drive, and Task Manager showed that Premiere Pro CS3 was taking 100% of the CPU. The CA Anti-Virus services are running but effectively show 0% CPU time. So whatever is happening (in-memory scanning of the loaded files, perhaps?) is being fully charged to Premiere and not to the anitvirus scanner.

                      Also, it's interesting to note that the exact same antivirus software in its fully-enabled (non-sleepy) state has no such effect on either Premiere Pro 1.5 or Premiere 6.0 on the exact same system. When antivirus is fully enabled (not asleep), neither of these older Premieres have any delays in loading or playing back.

                      Based on what I have read in the forums, it sounds like there are likely multiple issues that lead to these delay problems. In any case, the behavior is a pretty serious regression in Premiere, and Adobe should add this scenario to their regressions testing suite.