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    Project file seems slow

    Video Junky Level 1
      I have been working on a large project and have many edits and effects applied. The project is almost over but recently it has become a nightmare trying to edit this project. Each time i try and edit a parameter, it takes 30 seconds to regsiter in the undo window. I can scrub the timeline fine and look at items with no problem but as soon as i try and edit something, it is very slow. Titles are fine to edit, just video effects.

      If i make a new project and pull in the same footage, it works fine. It all worked great until a made a nested sequence and applied reverb to the entire sequence. Since then it has run like a dog. I have tried deleting the nested sequence, in a test copy, and it didn't help. Is there a way to have the project file analyzed. I am using Matrox RT.X2 is that helps.

      This is critical!
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          Video Junky Level 1
          For what it is worth, audio edits are fine. So they are just video related.
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            I have myself noticed that certain effects are dog slow when nesting. Usually turning off the video layer in the nested sequence speeds things back up again.
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              It sounds like you might be running low on available RAM - what's your task manager showing for memory usage?

              Something that might help: on the left side of the timeline, there's a new icon for enabling/disabling preview bar calculations. Try turning it off, since it'll bypass the code that tries to analyze whether it needs to red bar sections of your timeline for rendering. That in itself might help speed up editing until the time you need to render the finished product.

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                Video Junky Level 1
                i have 2GB of ram and the program is only taking 450MB of ram. the processor does spike to 95% and it is all Premiere but i have plenty of ram left. I tried turning off the bar setting and it didn't help any. I am becoming very frustrated.
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                  Video Junky Level 1
                  I have been working with the guys over a Matrox and they are telling me that they can replicate the problem by taking my project file and replacing video with their own video. It seems to be a corrcupt project file even though it comes up and looks ok. Is there an offset within the file that would do this or some bloating of the references within the file?
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                    Video Junky Level 1
                    This problem has come back and this is on a large project i am involved with. This project has been ongoing for 6 months and all of a sudden, the project slowed to a crawl. I have rebooted and it didn't go away. I have gone back several backups and it is slow with all of them. I went back to a very old backup and it works fine. I will have lost at least 2 weeks of work because the 10 backups i have all have the problem. I don't understand how that can happen.
                    Last time this happened i worked with Matrox quite a bit and they looked at the project file and said it was corrupted. Even though the file would come up and allow for editing, it was slow even in their labs. Is there something that can be done here? I am really in a bind?
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                      I ran into similar problems when color correcting, and at one point it actually got to a point where I would simply TOUCH a certain sequence and the project would lock - bury my proc and suck all my memory.

                      I banged my head against it for a while, and today, just to go and edit the project in an RTF document, I put it on another system and thought "Huhm, curious if CS2 will open it" -- Well it did, of course it didn't have any of the files to link so I just skipped them all, went right to that sequence in question and Deleted the sucker (It was a nested sequence/master file).

                      I took it back in the other room, the project fired right up and is running smoother now. I'm sure I've got another corrupted file in there, but I am able to jump back and forth between clips a bit faster now --

                      Not sure if it was CS-2 re-writing some of the project code, or if simply having all the files offline allowed it to deal with some line in the project it normally couldn't.

                      I'll keep you updated.

                      H.R. Crystal
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                        Video Junky Level 1
                        After more invesitgation, it would seem that it is only with a single sequence. Similar to Crystal. However, my project does work, it is just slow to edit things like scale and rotation. I can do slip edits and anything "normal" without issue.
                        I also took a little time and compared a decent copy of the project with this one and noticed that the main things that were different were simply the sequence numbers. But then i noticed that in the really bad project, the checksum values were wonky looking. I am not sure what exactly they are used for but if it is speed, that could answer why. Everything, again, works fine, just much slower that normal. For instance, the drag the scaling factor, you get one increment every 2 seconds. Even when you type it in, it takes 2 seconds to register.
                        This is a 4 hour video and i have been working it for 6 months so i guess i will just have to live with it for now since i have no time to re-do it. There are a thousand or more edits. It is a multi-camera project so a lot of camera switching.
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                          rainwater01 Level 1
                          I have had similar problems and been able to fix it by starting a new project and importing the old project into it.

                          It's worth a shot. Only takes a few seconds.