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    mpeg2 exporting

      i'm using premiere to edit programs for a local TV station i work at. We are using the Scala playback system for our scheduling and playback. It requires an mpeg2 file for playback. all the mpeg2 files i make out of premiere look fine when they are played back in premiere, but out of midea player or from our scala unit the interlace lines are very clear and it looks horable. we're playing them back on a 37in lcd. when we export as an avi and build a dvd out of encore and play it on the same tv. it looks great. are the codecs or something different in encore and premiere. we've tried all kinds of settings in premiere with progressive scan and deinterlacing but nothing helps. any suggestions?
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Both Premiere and Encore use the same encoding engine. If you see a difference between them, my guess would be either observational error or user error regarding settings.

          What preset out of Premiere do you use?
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            Ruud Blauw Level 1

            My first guess would be an issue with Scala's playback engine. You could try to take one of the .vob files from the Encore DVD, rename the extension to .mpg and feed that to Scala. If it accepts the faux MPEG I would expect it to look the same as the one exported from Premiere.