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    Where is the "Locate" function?

      I came into Premiere CS3 a short time ago when I upgraded Encore. Recently, I've had to use an older version (Prem 6) for an older existing project and notice some tools that I got used to don't seem to exist in CS3, or there's a different workflow now that's not being obvious to me.

      In a timeline, you can of course select an item, Rt click then select Reveal in Project to find an assect in the Project bin. In Prem 6, I can select an item in the Project bin, hit Ctrl L, and the first instance of the item is marquee selected and centered on in the time line with a message box to Find Next or Done.

      That function doesn't seem to exist in CS3. Can that be possible? How do you do the above task otherwise then? The Find tool only locates items in the Project bin, not the timeline as I need.


      Mark Whitney