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    Question about image overlays

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      I have what is hopefully a good question here.

      My final output will be 432x280.

      I created a graphic exactly with those dimensions, and overlaid it on the video I have ( which is original size of 1280x720)
      ( the graphic I overlaid is a very simple picture frame )

      When I overlay the graphic over the video, it is MUCH smaller than the video in Premiere. ( I understand this is normal because my original video is larger )

      Question: What should I do ? I want the simple border/picture frame to be the best quality possible in the output video. So what do you suggest ? ... Do you re-create the graphic so it matches the original video ? or do you size down the video so it fits into the frame ? - I tried this, but now I have a large black area on my work window in Premiere, because the frame is so small in relation to the video. I'm not sure how to proceed at this point.

      I would appreciate any of your responses / suggestions.