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    Converting Raylight project to CS3

      So I have this project I built in PPro2/Raylight, and decided to upgrade to PPro CS3.1.1 (which supports MXF natively, and with better performance on my PC than with Raylight).

      I imported the Raylight version of the project, which seemed to work, but when I play it back, the audio starts some horrible squealing sound after 10-15 sec of playback. I'm wondering if it has to do with the different ways that Raylight vs PPro handle the MXF audio import-

      Raylight brings each video MXF in with a stereo audio track, and then also imports a separate stereo audio MXF with the other 2 channels of audio.

      PPro brings in an MXF video file with 4 associated mono tracks of sound.

      Any idea how to get around this?