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    ANNC New Version of DVMP Pro Available

    Jeff Bellune Level 5
      DVMP Pro is a great little utility. It can modify and/or burn-in to DV .avi files any and all metadata included in the file. This includes not only timecode and timestamps, but exposure and white balance info as well.

      It converts to/from type-1 DV .avi, type-2 DV .avi and raw .dv files.

      It can split existing DV .avi files into smaller clips based on lots of different criteria.

      It can batch process any and all of the above operations.

      The web site also has some nifty tips and tricks on how to use DVMP Pro in a High Definition workflow, outlining 2 different workflows for HDV and HDCAM. The web site says it best:

      i "DVMP Pro's powerful file splitter allows you to create offline edits in standard definition with timecode accuracy in all clips. Subsequent batch capturing of high definition will therefore also take place with accurate timecode."

      Here's a link if you want to go take a look: