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    Mini DV Camera

      O.K. this is probably more info than you need. I have worked with several versions of Adobe Premier and have just purchased CS3 for windows. The mini DV camera I have used and have had really good luck is a Canon Elura 2mc. I very foolishly bought a Sony hard drive camera and found out the hard way that Premier does not support Mpeg-2 files. I have done some research on a new mini DV camera but have not found any that have all the options that my old canon have such as a way to have a wireless mike or input sound from another source. Can anybody suggest a good mini DV camera for at or under $1000.00 that works well with Adobe premier Pro?

      Any help is appreciated
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          Panasonic makes a few for around $500-$1000 that have mic input and other nice features. Check the Panny website for specs and such.
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            I just saw a good review of the Canon HV20.
            Even though it's a single chip, the picture quality appears to be better than my 3 chip GL2.

            It's HD, but you can either convert or possibly it has a SD more.
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              Canon HV20 is a good choice. Long GOP encoding is a downside for HDV; but it was the most cost-effective solution with high image quality for me. HD used in an SD preset in CS3 produces the option for panning and zooming using the motion key, because the HD footage is about 55% larger than the SD field of view. Also, side by side, the HDV output as a 720x480 standard DVD is significantly better than SD output as 720x480 DVD.

              The camera needs a wide angle lens adaptor to get a broader field of view, but this seems to be pretty common for these consumer cams. Low light is so-so, but adequate lighting produces stunning video.
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                I was in the market for a Sony HD camera. will have to change gears now...

                the HV20, what's the battery life like?