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    simple moving title problem

      I am having a problem that is frustrating me immensly, and I know I must be be overlooking something simple so I apologise in advance.

      I have a title that I want to move quickly from out of the frame on the side into the center, when it reaches the center i want it to keep moving slowly then after a few seconds shoot out of frame on the opposite side.
      I thought this would be a simple task using key frames. I put the first key frame out to the side, the second key frame in the centre where i want the title to slow down, the third where I want it to speed up again and the last key frame out of the frame on the opposite side. I am sure I have done something similar before. When I go to play it, during the slow bit in the center the title moves generally in the right direction but as it is approaching the 2nd to last key frame the title moves back the way it came then corrects itself and carries on.

      What I have tried:
      1)I looked at the key frame graph while it is playing, there is no curves on anything unusal on the line.
      2)Opened a fresh project and tried the same thing, same problem.
      3)Got frustrated and reinstalled premiere.

      Any help to would be much appreciated.