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    Can't Import Premiere Sequences into AE

      I've been nearly driven mad trying to accomplish this. I have a mostly-completed Premiere sequence needing some After Effects tidying, but I cannot move it into AE. I did exactly as the tutorials/videos have said: In AE, Import > File > FineArts 08 Film.pproj. I then choose "import all sequences" and viola, there my Premier project and project files are. Then I drag any of the three imported comps (one is a main video sequence file, one is the main sequence and one is a nested sequence), the sequence is indeed dragged to AE's timeline. However, when I scrub through the layer, all I see is the first five seconds of the source footage over and over again (sometimes the playback includes around eight seconds, sometimes as short as three.) It's almost as if the only thing that was imported was the timing of the cuts in the Premiere project, but instead of the actual cuts it's just repeating the beginning of the source footage.

      I've also tried copying and pasting from Premiere to After Effects, with similiar results, except then the source footage isn't imported. I can't see any difference in what I'm doing and what the tutorials say. Ironically, I've had no problems whatsoever with importing AE comps into Premiere; that worked first try. Thanks a lot in advance!