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    Audio Stuttering When Importing Video

      Hey guys, quick question.

      I am currently working on a project that was given to me in the form of one Mini-DV tape. I'm trying to capture the footage into Premiere CS3, however, both as I'm capturing and while I'm watching the captured footage, there is a ton of audio stuttering, rendering the clips worthless.

      I'm capturing using a Canon Ultura A mini-dv cam. When I listen to the audio coming from the camera's speakers, it's perfect. Only on the computer do I have issues with it.

      My computer's speed should not be a problem either, I'm running premiere on this:

      Intel Core2Duo E6600 @ 2.4
      2 GB DDR2-800 ram
      MSI P6N Platinum Motherboard (This is where the firewire port is located)
      Nvidia 8800 GTX Graphics card
      Creative X-fi Soundcard.

      Any ideas on potential fixes?