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    From Premiere Elements 4 to CS3

    ruzun Level 1
      I am considering moving from Premiere Elements 4.0 to CS3 (on Windows Vista 32 bit). I have a couple of questions regarding the two, I'm hoping someone here may know.

      1) Can CS3 read Premiere Element 4.0 projects (windows versions).

      2) Is CS3 more responsive and less prone to crashing than Elements 4.0 with HD projects? While Premiere elements 4.0 renders quite quickly compared to elements 3, it seems quite a bit less stable and is more "swappy". If you load a 5-10 min HD project, it takes quite a while, and if you minimize it to go to your email or something, then go back to it, it takes quite a long time before it brings the window back up and is responsive. This really makes for a frustrating workflow. I've tried all the performance tips, changing registry entries etc, reinstalling nothing helps. It's just slow. I have a quad core Intel QX6700 processor, latest drivers for everything, 4GB of system RAM, and an NVidia 8800GTX video card, so the system is pretty fast. I'm hoping CS3 would perform better on the same system.
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          mickkeay Level 1
          1) Yes but beware that media used in an Elements project must be CS3 compatible - or it will simply show as offline / unsupported when you open the elements project in CS3

          2. Hmm.. My system is of lesser spec than yours but I dont have that problem. OK Premiere takes a while to load and open a project but if I then minimize it do some email (or whatever) and go back to PP - it is virtually instant - certainly less than a second. Maybe someone else here can suggest the cause