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    Metadata PP and Bridge

      When i record from my DV Cam in PR, i can add a 'description','scene' etc. This data will also appear in Bridge (Metadata), that's fine.

      But when I Change those data in Bridge, it will not appear in PR in the projct window in the respective columns..... Why is this?

      Thanks for your help, and sorry for some poor english, i am German.
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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Your English is fine. Part of the problem is that PPro stores some of that data in the project file. If you change the equivalent data in the source file, PPro does not know it has changed. It only reads the data when you first add clips to the project.


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          • 2. Re: Metadata PP and Bridge
            Level 1
            Thanks Eddie for that very fast reaction....

            Well, after having read your msg, I've done the following test:

            - A new Clip, not yet imported in PR, changed some IPTC and Video-data in BR; after importing it to PR, none of those columns had any value in it....

            So I guess the PR Project file is fully separated from metadata... Can this really be true?