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    I need a big favor from someone...

      Hi Y'all!
      I recently started looking into Premiere and tried out the trial version. However, I wanted to try out the full suite, with the additional content. So I ordered the trial for the suite from Adobe. But it only comes with one Program DVD, with just the programs, and with no additional features (Additional content, etc.). So I spoke to Adobe to try to get a trial for the full suite, but they told me that they don't have that. HOWEVER, they told me that I can get the disks from somebody who purchased them, and if I don't enter a serial, it will function as a trail for 30 days. The problem is that I don't have a way to get the disks.
      Is there anyone who has either the Master Collection CS3 or the Production Premium CS3 who would be willing to send me a copy of the disks? I will pay the costs.
      I really would appreciate it, and hope someone will respond soon.