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    Better MPEG Encoding - CS3

      I use PP CS2 to export my DVD MPEGS. In video transitions, I can notice that the quality is not the best in the actual transition itself. I assume it is the compression. I have also noticed that some programs like Easy Worship have difficulty playing mpegs that originate from PP or other non-commercial programs, as they can stagger during transitions or fast movement. I have noticed that in a competitors application, they have better encoding. You can see it particularly in the transitions. My question is: With CS3, is Adobe using a different (better) encoder than with CS2; or are there some affordable encoder addons to improve this, etc.? Obviously the average hobbiest cannot afford the encoding that commercial DVD's use, but an improvement is desired, particularly for what the upgrades cost.

      Thanks for your opinion.
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          Bill Heslip Level 1
          Hi Kevin,

          Have a look at TMPGEnc XPress. Only $100, does great mpeg-2 encodes and there is a 14 day trial (with some limitations).


          On a side note, it reportedly performs superior HD to SD scaling.

          As for the stuttering and skipping issues you mentioned, watch your data-rate, use quality media and keep your burn-rate at half (or slower) the disc's rating. VBR encoding is also recommended for longer programs.
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            Easy Worship sounds like computer software, so I don't think burning issues are Kevin's problem.

            It's very surprising that any playback software would stagger on a transition, because once the video is transcoded, it's just a stream to the player. There's no way for it to know it's a transition.
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              jkmusic Level 1
              Yes. I use VBR, 2 Pass, 7,5.5,1 for output and burn masters at 4 or 8x. As far as media, I am lost. I have tried so many I don't recall what is better. My last 100 I bought were Sony. On the stagger - Possibly it is only the most noticable during a transition, like it is cutting every 6th frame or so. Like I said, movement like camera pans are very noticable. Note that I am speaking of how one particular program sees it. On my TV, I don't see the stagger, but a less than quality transition, but most would not notice it. I do. I resolve it by transitioning very quickly, or very long...no in between. If you look at a commercial DVD, transitions are pristine at any length. I will check out TMPGENC. I used it years ago when it was free. Thanks.
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                Sony's aren't the best media. Try using only Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim.
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                  jkmusic Level 1
                  I will go Verbatim. I have used it before. Thanks!